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7 Steps To Choosing Air Beds

What Makes Some Air Beds Better Than Others?


If you are looking for comfortable air beds to use as emergency bedding, or simply to try out a different style of mattress, then you might be a bit confused by all the models available online and all the different technical terms used to describe the many different features included in a modern inflatable bed.

Air beds, sometimes known as raised air mattresses, are definitely much more complex now than they were before and the technical specifications can make for a difficult read, so let’s look at the features you are probably most interested in7-steps-to-choosing-air-beds_01

The Key Points

1. Assembled or not. The type of air bed which comes ready assembled will cost a bit more, mainly due to delivery costs. The other type are pretty easily put together, and unless there is anything stopping you assembling a few pieces then this should be the best option for you.

2. Delivery costs. It is important that you check this before buying anything, as a bargain purchase can lose a fair bit of its appeal if the delivery costs are high.

3. Warranty. As with any online purchase, finding an air mattress with a long warranty period is a good idea.

4. Money back period. This differs from the warranty in that it is the 30 or 60 day “trial period” in which you can send back the goods and get your money back. This is particularly useful if you know that the mattress dimensions are going to make it an awkward fit or it is your first air bed and you aren’t sure whether you  are going to like it.

5. Side Rails. These are the supports, which not all air beds have, which make the sides firm enough for you lie on the edge of it without losing height.

6. Remote controls. This is marketed as a big feature on a lot of raised air mattresses, but there are really only so many basic functions which you will want to control remotely. Try and strike a balance which lets you pay a fair price for a mattress which has enough features to make it better for you, rather than paying for useless functions.

7. Price. This is always the main point in any purchase and the prices can vary widely. Why not have a look through some of our reviews in this site and get an idea of the offers out there?

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