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Choosing A Back Pain Mattress For Your Futon

While you may consider  a futon to be an inherently temporary sleeping solution with a basic and not too impressive mattress, it is also worth investigating quality futon pads which can also act as a reliable back pain mattress.back-pain-mattress_02

The fact that many people use their foldable mattress for sitting on with only the occasional visitor using it as a bed does not detract from the fact that buying a good quality mattress for use in your futon is a sound long term decision which you are unlikely. Let’d look as a few models you may come across while doing some internet shopping.

Three Choices Of Back Pain Matress

1. EnviroPedic Mattress, which is pictured below. This is one of the most expensive futon back pain mattresses on the market, at over $700. It is a visco memory foam mattress which comes with an organic cover and a 10 year warranty when bought online. It also comes in different sizes, for conventional bed frames.

2. 8″ Euro Coil Futon Mattress. This model is another interesting choice for anyone looking to put a quality back pain mattress on their futon. It costs a little over $300, which means that it is les than half the price of the first model looked at in this article but still quite a bit more expensive than the cheap mattresses which many people prefer to use on their futons. This is an innerspring mattress which comes with various options around finish and color.


3. Gold Bond 9″ SofT ouch Full Mattress, which costs a little under $400. This is probably seen by many to be too soft to be a really top back pain mattress, although the belief that the firmest mattresses are the best is not really always correct and you should check with your medical expert what kind of mattress is best for your condition.back-pain-mattress_01

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