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Bassinet Mattress Advice

What to Look For In A Bassinet Mattress

A bassinet mattress is also known as a cradle mattress and is the bedding support for your new born baby before they move onto a bigger crib mattress. Below is a list of things to look for when purchasing one:bassinet-mattress-advice03

7 Features To Look For

1. Organic materials. Just as with bigger sizes of organic mattress, cotton, wool and latex are among the most commonly seen materials used here. Wool absorbs moisture better and keeps the baby warmer while cotton keeps them fresh and cool. Natural latex is a good environmentally friendly option.

2. Waterproof. This is something which is a definite must-have in mattresses for babies. Waterproof, easily cleanable cradle mattresses are essential for ensuring that your new born baby is kept clean, dry and healthy. Some people also buy additional bassinet mattress protectors to go on top of the mattress. The benefit of this is that you can clean the protectors instead of the mattress, thereby not leaving the baby without a mattress while it dries.bassinet-mattress-advice_02

3. Flame retardant. For safety reasons this is another important feature and you should avoid any bassinet mattresses which do not offer this protection.

4. Size. The bassinet mattress dimensions can vary, and it is important that you check the size of the cradle you are buying the mattress for.

5. Anti bacterial. When you consider the delicate nature of a nature born baby, and the mess they sometimes make with spilled milk and leaking nappies, it is clear that is an important consideration. The vast majority are also designed to keep to keep nasty mites at bay.

6. Price. Due to the small dimensions of these mattresses they are obviously a good bit less expensive than adult versions. The use of organic materials tends to push the price up a bit but $100 should be sufficient for you to get a quality one from any good mattress for sale Internet vendor.bassinet-mattress-advice_01

7. Thickness. These types of mattresses for cradles are a lot thinner then full size models, and a couple of inches of support are sufficient for your little one.

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