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Futon Mattress Buying

Tips On Buying A Futon Mattress

A futon is a versatile piece of furniture which you can sit on or sleep on. As some futon models come without a mattress, and some mattresses may get ruined over time, you will at some point possibly have to buy a futon mattress for it.

When you look for a model of futon mattress online you may be surprised at the sheer scope of models being sold on the Internet these days.

While this is good news in terms of being able to pick a model you like at the a good price, it can also make looking for a new mattress a fairly time consuming business.

In order to help you narrow down your search a little we have listed below some of the futon mattresses which are currently available and which might be of interest to you:

3 Futon Mattresses On Sale Online

  1. August Lotz Universal Comfort – Harmony Plus 8″ Foam Plush Touch Futon Mattress – HPF- X. The full futon mattress size comes in near the top of the comfort and price scale. It costs $250 while the queen size mattress costs $10 more and the twin mattress version costs $70 less. This is a good choice if you like a soft, plush mattress
  2. Serta Futons Willow Futon Mattress – Willow Mattress. The full futon mattress size of this one costs $300, while the Queen will cost you $40 more. It comes in a choice of colors and with either cotton or microfiber fabric and contains a visco memory foam layer.
  3. 6″ Day Dreamer Premier 6000 Mattress. This is the least expensive of the futon mattresses we are looking at in this article, although you can still find models cheaper than the $129 which this one costs when you buy it online.


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