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Choosing A New Latex Foam Mattress

One of the bedding materials which is becoming more common place is the latex foam mattress. This model of mattress can either be an entirely natural, organic mattress or a latex memory foam mattress, which combines the qualities of natural latex with the properties of visco memory foam to give a mattress with a high degree of comfort support and flexibility.latex-foam-mattress_02

The benefits to be gained from latex is that it is a completely natural product which is obtained from rubber trees and is therefore biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It is also hypoallergenic and a latex foam mattress will always be free of mildew, mold, dust mites and bacteria. It is also makes for a breathable mattress, meaning that it keeps you cool during the months and warmer during the winter, and gives a good, even support. You can also expect modern latex foam mattresses to last a long time, with some manufacturers claiming that a lifetime of 30 years is entirely possible.

Let’s have a look at a few different models then:

3 Latex Foam Mattresses To Choose From

1. Sealy Brand Latex Foam Mattress. The Queen size mattress costs $1000 and if you want a mattress in a relatively new material from a long established mattress brand then you might be tempted with this one.latex-foam-mattress_01

2. Select Sleep Latex Mattress Model 7000. This one costs pretty much the same price as the previous one mentioned and comes with a choice ofpure Talalay latex, pure Dunlop or a Talalay blend.
3. A more expensive option is the Select Sleep 13000 which is a thick 13 inch mattress with a 12 inch layer of natural latex and an organic cotton cover. The twin size costs $1350, the twin XL $1400, the full mattress not far off $2000, the Queen a little over $2000 and the King and Cal King size at $2600.

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