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Using A Memory Mattress Pad When Bedridden

Being laid up in bed for a long time is a thoroughly unpleasant experience. Apart from the boredom and the lack of physical and mental exercise there is also the risk of medical complaints such as bed sores, poor circulation and a bad back. While modern technology has given us portable entertainment such as laptops, wireless Internet and mp3 players which can help relieve the boredom a little you may not be aware that it has also come up a couple of mattress ideas, such as the memory mattress pad, which might also help you avoid the worst of the medical conditions commonly found in bedridden patients.memory-mattress-pad_03

Here are a few different ways of helping your time in bed be a little bit less painful:

Three Good Options To Make You More Comfortable

1.  Memory foam mattress or memory mattress pad. This is a mattress, or in the case of the pad a thin mattress overlay, which is made of visco elastic foam, and is also known as a space foam mattress due to NASA’s role in developing the material. This gives a really firm lying position and molds to your body. In fact, some of its first non NASA uses were in medical situations. A full mattress can be prohibitively expensive, so memory mattress pads are chosen instead by many users.memory-mattress-pad_02

2. Gel mattress or gel mattress pad. This is another firm bed, and also eliminates bed sores and helps improve circulation by eliminating pressure points and giving a well balanced, even support. It is also sold either as a full mattress or as an overlay pad, which is sometimes called a gel mattress topper.memory-mattress-pad_01

3. Sheepskin mattress pad. This is a more natural, organic mattress solution than the previous two. As well as giving a well distributed support sheepskin mattress pads are also great at keeping you warm and absorbing moisture.

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