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Sofa Bed Mattress Questions

Answers To Some Sofa Bed Mattress Questions

As the sofa bed mattress idea becomes more popular we can see more and more models and styles being sold online. If you are new to this kind of foldable bed which doubles as a sofa, or if you bought yours a while ago when there were less models available, you may find this short list of questions and answer to be of some use to you:sofa-bed-mattress-questions_01

Q. Is buying the cheapest possible futon a good idea?

A. As with any piece of furniture, the price you pay is a pretty accurate reflection of the quality and durability of the sofa bed mattress. If you want a short term option, to cater for visitors or for some other reason, then looking at cheap mattresses is a good bet. Otherwise, paying a few dollars more can give you a better and longer sleeper sofa mattress.

Q. Does a sofa bed mattress for a bad back exist?

A. There are plenty of different types of back pain mattress around for use as sofa bed mattresses. A popular choice is the firm, memory foam model, although you should check with your doctor what would be the correct level of firmness and support for you.

Q. What is the biggest size of futon mattress around?

A. You can find sleeper sofa mattresses in all the conventional sizes which normal beds come in. Even Queen size and King size futons are not uncommon.

A Sofa Bed Mattress To Help Allergy Sufferers

Q. I am an allergy sufferer. Is there a model for me?sofa-bed-mattress-questions_02

A. You will find that organic mattress models for sofa beds  include options such as cotton and rubber latex. The visco memory foam type mentioned above is also a hypoallergenic mattress, although many people who want a more natural bed are put off by the amount of chemicals is the production of these mattress.

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