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Surprise Uses of Foldable Mattress

A Foldable Mattress Can Be Surprisingly Versatile

If you thought that a foldable mattress was just a cheap and almost throwaway piece of furniture for students and people who live in small apartments then you might be interested to see some of the alternative uses we have come up with for this kind of versatile bedding.surprise-uses-for-a-foldable-mattress_01

5 Foldable Mattress Uses

1. A futon bunk bed for a small room with two kids. If you want to maximize the space in your children’s bedroom then using a good quality futon bunk bed with foldable mattresses is a great way of having two bed, a sofa and some storage space in the space which a conventional kid’s bed would normally occupy. Choose a good futon bunk bed mattress to give them good sleeping support.

2. A modern futon with a folding mattress as a stylish office accessory. The really top of the range futon frames look just like trendy sofas and can make a great addition to an office. If you spend long days at work then you can just open up the foldable mattress and get a relaxing place to rest a while.surprise-uses-for-a-foldable-mattress_02

3. A wooden futon for a garden party. Some of the more rustic, wooden models fit in perfectly with an evening garden party where wooden lanterns and classy canopies are used. The foldable mattresses can then double as extra sleeping space for guests who stay over.

4.  A pet futon mattress for your dog or cat. Pet futons have been around for a while, although you may not have heard of them until now.

5. A traditional futon for an oriental style home. When you want a classy oriental look for your home then a traditional futon is right up there with a Zen garden and clean, simple elegance as being among the most important features.

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