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7 Electric Mattress Pad Features

Some Common Electric Mattress Pad Features

An electric mattress pad is a form of heated mattress pad which gives you a lovely, warm bed in demand. The different models sold online all come with different features, and here are a few of the most common ones:7-electric-mattress-pad-features_01

What To Look For In Electric Mattress Pads

1. Dual controls and zoned heating. These controls let you warm your feet more than the rest of you or, in the bigger sizes such as the cal king mattress, will give you the option of heating one side of the bed more than the other.

2. Pre heat. In a cold winter’s evening it is recommended that you warm the bed up before entering.

3. Auto control. You can choose a program on some models which will let you enjoy the mattress pad when you need it and then have it switch itself off.7-electric-mattress-pad-features_02

4. Material. Most of the inexpensive models are made of polyester, while paying a bit more will let you choose from a cotton mattress pad or a polyester / cotton mix. If you are an allergy sufferer then look for a hypoallergenic model.

5. Thin wiring. If you have used old fashioned electric blankets or electric mattress pads you may be expecting an uncomfortable night shifting about on top of wires. This shouldn’t now be the case though, as good, modern pads use thin wiring which you won’t feel.

6. Warranty. As this is not a particularly expensive piece of bedding you may struggle to find one with a good warranty. However, working on the basis that the majority of faults happen in the first few months of use, a 1 year guarantee is much better than none at all.

7. Money back period. Many Internet vendors are aware that choosing this type of product is very difficult online, and subsequently offer a 30, 60 or 90 “trial” period in which you can return the electric mattress pad and get your money back. It is a good idea to throroughly check and test the mattress pad for defects and for suitability during this period.7-electric-mattress-pad-features_03

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