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Common Air Mattress Bed Solutions

In this section of the site we will look at providing solutions to common bedding problems, either for people who already have an air mattress bed or for those who have a conventional mattress and aren’t sure if air mattress beds are right for them.air-mattress-bed_02

Problem. I have an inflatable bed but it is too small for both me and husband to use. If we try and use it together one of us always ends up on the floor.

Solution. You can now find air mattress bed models in a variety of large sizes, such as the queen air mattress. These large models will help both of you enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Problem. I use an old air bed as emergency bedding but it is getting a bit old and, to be honest, it was never any good in the first place, as it takes ages to inflate and rapidly loses air and strength.air-mattress-bed03

Solution. Modern air beds are of a much higher quality than older models, and you will find that a decent quality new one will give you a comfortable night’s sleep and will undoubtedly give you a longer and better service than your old one. For the best model take an online quiz to find your ideal number mattress and choose the exact model for you.

When The Kids Have Visitors

Problem. My kids often invite their friends over to stay and they end up all sleeping on the floor. They don’t seem to mind this, but I was wondering if getting a big air mattress bed, or a few smaller ones, might be a better idea.air-mattress-bed_01

Solution. You could certainly look at buying a big king air mattress, as this would probably work out cheaper than buying a number of air mattress beds. However, if you want to give yourself a bit more flexibility in the future then getting hold of a number of smaller mattresses might not be a bad idea.

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