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Choosing Futon Mattresses

Finding The Best Futon Mattresses

There are really two different situations in which you can find yourself looking at futon mattresses.

Firstly, you may choose to buy a futon frame without a mattress. There are models which come with mattresses but there are also futon frames which are sold on their own with no mattress.choosing-futon-mattresses_01

The second possible situation is that you have an existing futon but that the foldable mattress that came with it has become worn or torn and you now need to buy a new mattress. In this case you should calculate whether you would be just as well buying a new futon,  as dropping price now means that they are cheaper than before, while individual futon mattresses can be nearly as expensive.

Whichever of these is the case, you will find that modern futon mattresses come in a variety of different style, so let’s have a look at a few of the different available:

3 Types Of Futon Mattress

1. Traditional foam mattress. This type of futon mattress comes in many different types, as well as in the various different sizes of futon bed which are around. If you pay over $100 then you should be getting a good quality model.choosing-futon-mattresses_02

2. Memory foam mattress. This is one of the more recent types of mattress around and uses the NASA developed visco memory foam to give you a firm, well supported sleeping position. The use of modern technology makes this type of futon mattress a bit more expensive than some other types, although prices are starting to fall and you should be able to find a few good economy deals if you check out the most popular online futon store sites.

3. Organic mattress. If you prefer an entirely natural feel to your futon mattresses then you will find natural latex rubber and cotton mattress options on online vendor sites. These are generally more expensive than the conventional foam mattresses due to the more labour intensive work involved in making them.

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