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Choosing A Soft Mattress

How To Decide On A Soft Mattress

The traditional way of thinking is that a firm mattress is the best back pain mattress and that a soft mattress is ideal for someone who doesn’t have any back problems.

While this is, in very general terms, still a fairly sensible way of doing things there are a few pieces of advice which are worth noting before you buy either a firm or soft mattress.choosing-a-soft-mattress_01

4 Things To Consider Before Buying Soft Mattresses

1. Ask you doctor. If you have a back complaint then you should really ask a medical expert for advice on the type of bed which is best for you. Not everyone with a bad back needs to use the same type of mattress.

2. Try out different firmness levels. These days you will find firm, luxury firm, euro top and pillow top mattress models among the options available to you. Don’t be embarrassed about trying out several mattresses in the store. If the sales people try to rush you into to buying one then go elsewhere until you find somewhere where the staff will let you spend as much time as you need testing different beds.choosing-a-soft-mattress_02

3. Use a mattress topper for extra support when needed. If you prefer to sleep on soft mattresses you can still adjust its firmness levels whenever you like if you use a memory mattress topper. We have covered these in detail in other section of the site but basically it is like a thin mattress which you put on top of your existing mattress to give a firmer support when needed. This way you can turn a conventional Queen size foam mattress, for example, into a memory foam mattress whenever you like.

4. Take advantage of new technology. Some mattress brands have systems to help you choose the level of firmness which is right for you. These are generally always quick and simple tests which might help you make the right decision

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