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Some Top Deals on Futon Mattress Covers

When it comes time to look for new futon mattress covers, whether by choice or because your old one has been damaged or worn out, you will find a huge selection of colors, materials and designs on the Internet.futon-mattress-covers-online_01

In other articles we have looked at how mattress covers can be used to enhance a room or an office, and in this article we will look at some specific designs and prices of individual models for you:

Three Futon Mattress Covers Sold Online

1. Leather Look Biscuit Twin Cover from Futon Covers Online. This twin size model costs $99, while the full size version is $10 more and the queen size mattress a further $10 on top of that. If you want a classy, leather look in your home or office then buying a leather look futon mattress cover for your old futon is certainly a lot cheaper than buying a leather sofa. The cover is easy to fit, thanks to a three sided zipper arrangement, and of course can be interchanged with another cover whenever you like.futon-mattress-covers-online_02

2. Stetson Premium Futon Mattress Cover. This model is from the same retailer and costs a a little more than double the price but is a much higher quality product. The cover is made from high grade PVC, and the leather look is topped of with a good looking gold scroll design. This one also comes in different sizes for different types of sofa bed mattress.

3.Bug a Boo Futon Cover. The last futon cover we will look at in this list is a fun and colorful one which is deals for a child’s room. It costs $50 from Futon Creations and has a kind of ladybirds crawling over a checkerboard design which kids will love.

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