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5 Egg Crate Mattress Benefits

A Few Of The Main Egg Crate Mattress Pad Benefits

The egg crate mattress has been with us a long time yet it is still more popular with many consumers than other, more recent innovations. Let’s look at a few of the reasons for this:5-egg-crate-mattress-benefits_01

What To Look For In Egg Crate Mattresses

1. Improved sleep. Because of the raised and lowered parts of egg crate mattresses the sleeper gets a more even support. This design also helps improve the user’s night time circulation, helps avoid bed sores in bedridden people and improves breathability.

2. Thickness. You will find models of different thicknesses, and while this is not the only factor you need to take into account it is still a reasonably good way of judging the level of comfort the pad will give you.

3. Size adjustments. This is the easiest type of mattress pad to get tailored to your needs. For example, a couple might not both suffer from the same sleeping problems. If they are using a queen size mattress but only one of them wants the protection of an egg crate mattress pad then they can have it cut to size.5-egg-crate-mattress-benefits_02

4. Cost. You should expect to pay less for one of these than for, as an example, a memory foam mattress pad. Around $30 is the online starting price. While some people prefer the likes of the memory foam or gel mattress pad there are also many who have solved their sleeping problems with egg crate mattresses. Rather than paying out more for another product you may like to take a more economical route and check whether one of these suits you first.

5. Environmentally friendly. In general, mattress pads are not the most eco friendly bedding items around, with the exception of some organic ones such as sheepskin pads. However, when you look to buy a pad or mattress online you will see a few egg crate models which are at least a little greener.

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