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A Selection Of Memory Foam Pillow Offers

If you sometimes wake up with a sore neck, stiff shoulders or a bad back then before splashing out lots of money on an expensive new mattress you might like to see if a change of pillow helps solve the problem for a fraction of the cost. The choice of a memory foam pillow is a good one if you feel that you aren’t being given enough support by your current one.memory-foam-pillow_02

Let’s look at a few different models which you might like to consider:

Three Memory Foam Pillows

1.Serta Memory Foam Contour Pillows. This set of 2 pillows costs under $40 online and might just be the solution to your sleeping problems. They are made of 100% visco memory foam and is non allergenic and anti bacterial. If you have already bought a memory form mattress then you can expect the pillows to arrive in the same way; tightly packed in a package and with a strong chemical odor. You need to leave them a couple of days for them to expand to their full size and for the odor to fully dissipate.memory-pillows_03

2. Comfort Dreams Crowned Classic King Size Memory Foam Pillows. This model costs a little over $50 for the set of 2 memory foam pillows. These ones are designed to fit king size pillow cases and unlike the previous model they are not contoured but are shaped in a more conventional way.

3. Memory Foam Standard Size Contour Pillow. If you only need one foam pillow for the bed then this comes in at a little over $25 and offer the same kind of contoured surface as the first item covered in this article. This pillow measures 15 inches by 20 inches and has a height of 4 inches.memory-foam-pillow_01

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