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Which Futon Cover To Choose?

In other articles on this site we have looked at futon frames, futon mattresses and other futon related items. However, one essential futon accessory which we haven’t looked at yet is the futon cover.futon-cover_01

There are a few different reasons for looking at futon covers online. One is if you have bought the futon frame and futon mattress separately, as your mattress will almost certainly arrive in the post without a cover on it.

Another reason is if your old cover has become damaged or faded through time. Even high quality futon sofas are not really designed for intensive use day in and day out. If you have been using yours for sleeping on every night and for sitting on every day then the chances are that the first element of the futon to show signs of wear and tear will be the futon cover, and an economical way of bringing life back to sofa beds is by slipping new futon mattress covers onto them.futon-cover_03

You may also have redecorated the room in which the futon sits and now be left with, for example, a blue futon in a predominantly red room. Rather than throw out the whole thing you can simply change the futon cover by looking at new futon slipcovers.

Updating Your Old Futon Cover

A final possibility is that you simply got tired of the design. This is especially common when a bright, modern futon has been purchased a few years ago, as styles and tastes change and what once looked fun and lively can now appear embarrassingly dated to the owner.futon-cover_02

Once you have decided to look at new futon covers online you will find a huge range of colors and designs available at fairly low prices. Take care to buy from a secure site and check the product’s care instructions to make sure that you get plenty of use out of it.

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