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Picking The Right Futon Frames

One of the most important decisions to take when buying or upgrading your futon is which one of the many futon frames which are available you will choose to support the futon mattress you will be sleeping on.futon-frames_01

To help you find the right futon frame for your sofa bed mattress we have listed here some details of the most popular models which you might be interested in:

1. Metal futon frames. The benefit to this type of frame is that it comes in different colors, so you can choose black, white or whatever color goes best with your home. These come in different type of metal, and the tubular steel type tends to be the cheapest one, although these are genrally more susceptible to bending and other types of damage.

2. Wooden futon frames. This is classic look, and will look great in many different types of home. A wide variety of types of wood are

used, and you can choose from materials such as oak  or pine wood. This is seen by many as the best type of futon frame because it reflects the origianal Japanese style of futon more closely than more modern looks. However, this type of frame can be a little more costly then the metal ones.

Choose An Air Mattress Frame Too

3. Air mattress frames. If you have one of the larger models of inflatable bed or you simply don’t like sleeping to close to the floor then you will probably be looking to buy a frame for this. You can choose a folding model of air mattress frame for ease of storgage and transport. A lot of the bigger models, such as the queen air mattress come with a built in frame, so you should check this detail before buying.futon-frames_02

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