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Choosing The Best Futon Pads

When you have an old futon which needs a new mattress you will perhaps be surprised to discover the wide selection of futon pads which are available on mattress vendor Internet sites.futon-pads_01

In this section we will concentrate on some of the models of futon pad which you might not be so well aware of. Most of us choose the basic, budget model of futon mattress when it comes time to buy a new one. Howewever, if you are aware of the full range of types which are currently manufactured then you will have the option of choosing the best one for your situation. Here we present for your information some of the most common questions on the subject:

Question. I sometimes sleep on my futon when I stay over at my friend’s house. As I suffer from back problems I wonder what of mattress would suit me best?

Answer.  We have a section on choosing a back pain mattress model, where we will look at three different models of fairly expensive futon pads which could be right for you, although taking specialist medical advice is always recommended.futon-pads_02

A Futon Pad For Very Occasional Use

Question. I use for futon for sitting purposes and friends who stay over very rarely use it. Where can I find the cheapest futon pad possible?

Answer. We have a generic section on cheap mattresses in general and you will also find specific models reviewed in our futon sections and in our mattress reviews part of the site.futon-pads_03

Question. What is the best style of futon pads currently available?

Answer. This depends upon the use you have for it and your own preferences. As we can see from the two answers above, different people have very different needs in this respect. Many users report great experiences with the memory foam pad model, while others cannot get used to this way of sleeping and prefer a traditional, softer foam model. Other options include organic mattresses for allergy sufferers, so it really is a question of finding one which is right for you.

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