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Heated Mattress Pad Benefits

The Benefits Of A Heated Mattress Pad

A heated mattress pad is simply a mattress pad overlay which you put on top of your bed and switch on when you want some extra heating. While the concept is simple there are a number of different models, so we will look at some of the benefits here and point out some of the different features you might find:heated-mattress-pad-benefits_01

5 Top Benefits

1. To keep you warm. Of course a heated mattress pad is going to keep you warm if you switch it on. This is a much simpler and more effective way of getting through those chilly winter nights than hot water bottles, layers of blankets and electric blankets. The most expensive models, such as the Sunbeam heated mattress pad range, will give you a pre heat option, the opportunity to heat only one side of the bed and an auto control.

2. To ease aches and strains. Lying in a warm bed is one of the best ways to let your muscles relax and recover. You shouldn’t look at heated mattress pads as being miracle cures but they can help you feel better if your body is a bit stiff and sore.heated-mattress-pad-benefits02

3. Comfort. Heated mattress pads come in many types of material and finding the most comfortable one for you might take a little bit of online shopping. Reading customer comments and mattress reviews can be a big help in choosing the right model.  The most common material is cotton with a polyester backing, and some are hypoallergenic.

4. Safety. A good pad will have the wiring all safely tucked and protected away and will have easy to use controls and clear safety instructions.

5. Choice of sizes. You can the perfect fit by choosing the right size for your mattress. Make sure that you measure your mattress dimensions before ordering one, to make sure that you don’t make the fairly common mistake of ordering the wrong size and having to return the product.

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