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Choosing A King Mattress Pad

A King mattress pad is simply a mattress overlay designed to protect a King sized bed.king-mattress-pad_01

As many people think of a mattress pad and a mattress topper as being interchangeable we will look a few models of both toppers and pads in this article, despite there being a difference between these two types of mattress overlay.

3 Selected Models

1. Tuff Guard 10-year Mattress Protector. This costs just over $50 online and is a King mattress pad rather than a topper; which means that its main function is to protect the mattress rather than add comfort for the user. It protects the mattress from spilled liquids and is also sold online in other sizes, such as the Queen mattress pad.king-mattress-pad_02

2. Total Protection Mattress Pad. This model costs about the same the first one mentioned and does the same sort of job, as well as repelling bacteria and dust mites. As it is very difficult to choose between King mattress pads just by looking at a photo on the screen it is important to read previous customers’ comments and independent mattress reviews as well as look for trial periods, warranties and extra features to help you choose the best one.

3. Super Stuff Deep Support Plush Mattress Topper. This is a king mattress topper rather than a pad, so its main purpose is to give you added comfort and support rather than protect the mattress. This issue is a bit trickier to deal with these days, as many mattress toppers or pads are advertised as doing both jobs. However, you should decide which of the two is your priority and choose accordingly. The model featured here is an inexpensive one at under $40, but you will find  that the likes of the memory mattress topper type will cost quite a lot more.


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