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The Importance Of A Mattress Pad

When you are looking for bedding you might find that a mattress pad and a mattress topper appear very similar products, as these both appear to be small mattresses which go on top of your existing mattress.mattress-pad_01

However, this is not the case and it is important to think before you buy about the reasons for buying one or other of these bedding items.

If you bed is losing firmness and you want to top it up then you are looking for a mattress topper. These are thicker than mattress pads and come in highly firm and supportive materials such as visco memory foam.

If you want to protect the mattress from spills, stains and any other type of damage, then a mattress pad is what you are after. You can still buy firm products such as a memory foam mattress pad but these are generally thinner than the mattress toppers and as such won’t offer as much support to the sleeper.mattress-pad_02

The model of egg crate mattress is one of the most traditional types of mattress pad and has long been used for medical purpose, to ease the suffering of back pain in patients. One side of the pad is completely smooth and the other has bumps and dip just like an egg crate. Modern materials such as visco memory foam are taking a lot more of the market share these days but the egg crate design remains popular and is seen by some as being more flexible than other types of pad, and it is certainly a good choice for purchasers working to a tight budget.

The electric mattress pad is another of the mattress pads which you will most likely find on offer online. These work like electric blankets in warming you up during these long, cold winter nights.

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