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The Memory Foam Mattress Pad Compared To The Gel Mattress

Bad back sufferers are now faced with a wide choice of potential solutions, and among them are the memory foam mattress pad and the gel mattress. Memory foam is also sometimes known as NASA space foam or visco memory foam, and it is made from polyurethane. These are both fairly modern types of bedding which have been produced following years of scientific research.memory-foam-mattress-pad_02

Let’s look at a few of the differences between the two of them:

5 Things To Bear In Mind

1. Price. As these both use modern, cutting edge technology it is still quite pricey for buying a full mattress in either material, with many models running into the thousands of dollars. What many people now choose to do is buy a mattress pad or topper instead. These are like thin mattresses which are laid on top of your existing mattress. Obviously you don’t get the full effect which you would the entire memory foam mattress or gel filled mattress, but it is a much more economical way of trying out new technology and deciding if it suits you.memory-foam-mattress-pad_01

3. Durability. The gel mattress is reported to last at least 20 years, and the memory foam version often comes with a similar warranty period. If you go for the mattress pad option in either material then you should expect it not to last as long.

4. Support.This is the key point really if you are looking for a back pain mattress, and unfortunately you will find a wide range of different opinions on these materials. Generally speaking, the memory foam mattress pads will give you a really firm support, and they often mold to your body better in warm weather conditions. The gel option is also among the firmer beds you will find and with both models there are people who love them and others who just can’t get used to the sleeping position.

5. Other factors. You will find that both smell a bit funny upon arrival. This is due to the chemicals involved in the manufacturing process and will go away after a few days.

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