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Queen Air Mattress Features

Choosing A Queen Air Mattress

If you think that air mattresses are all small, lumpy and uncomfortable then you might be genuinely surprised to see the quality and size of many current Queen air mattress models.

To start off with we will explain that an inflatable mattress is simply a bed that can be inflated as and when you need it. In other pages on this web site we have look at some of the advantages of this type of mattress (flexibility, cost, storage,comfort etc) and it is certainly a type of sleeping aid which is becoming increasingly popoular.

One thing you have to do is forget all about air beds from the past, as current models are far superior to them in every respect. As well as offering great back support many also come with advanced features such as remote control, reinforced sides and easy inflation.queen-air-mattress-features_02

Next up we will look at the Queen sizes of bed. These mattress dimensions are among the biggest in the mattress world. A Queen bed, or Queen air mattress, measures 60×80 inches, which translates as 152 x 203 centimeters. These are North American sizes; in Europe a Queen sized mattress has a slightly different size and the American Queen translates most closely to a UK King size bed (60×78 inches or 152 × 198 cm).

Now that we know what type of bedding we are talking about, the next step is to find site mattress for sale sites and look for queen air mattresses which might suit you.

Twin Air Mattresses

These are twin air mattress design; that is, they are designed to be thge same size as conventional twin beds. This means that they need to give a greater support than a smaller mattress.queen-air-mattress-features_01

As well as the price you look at the warranties being offered and delivery charges and timescales. Sometimes paying a few dollars more gets you a good warranty period and free shipping on your new Queen air mattress.

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