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The Space Foam Mattress Analyzed

The very name space foam mattress conjures up images of bizarrely shaped beds and cutting edge technology, especially when you consider that some people also know it is as a NASA

The truth of the matter is that while the visco memory foam which forms the basis of this type of mattress was initially developed by NASA it has long been changed into a modern yet conventional looking bed matttress which many people are already using in their homes.

While it is becoming more popular it is still an unknown quantity for some people, so we have listed a few common questions below, together with the respective answers.

A Few Commonly Asked Questions

Q. I turn around a lot in the night and I see on the Internet that the space foam mattress won’t suit me. Is that right?

A. The way these mattresses work is by molding themselves to your body as you lie on it; one of the main early uses for this material was to keep hospital patients steady in one position . This means that you may find it a little awkward to turn around in the night, although it is certainly not

Q. Is it true that space foam mattresses don’t work as well in cold weather?

A. The viscoelastic foam mattress works better in warm weather. This really just means that it molds quicker to your body at high temperatures than at low ones. You can still use it in cold weather.

Q. I prefer a soft mattress. Does this rule out the space foam mattress?

A. Although there are different levels of firmness available, the memory foam mattress is by definition a firm and highly supportive one. However, you might like to try it out, to see if you change your mind about the level of firmness you like.

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