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Finding The Right Futons For Sale

Looking at futons for sale online is the best way to find cheap futons. While this may appear something which is easily done it is also worth noting that the sheer quantity of futon store sites and cheap futon models can make this a lengthy and time consuming process.

To help you find the ideal purchase for you we have listed below some of the top futons for sale at bargain prices which we have found online.

Three Models Of Cheap Futon For Sale Online

1. Fun Furnishings Chair Sleeper in Denim, pictured below. This model costs around $130 on the Internet and would be a great purchase for a kid’s room or an informal living area. It is a comfortable seat which opens up into a foldable mattress which is made of decent quality foam and gives a reasonably good sleeping position. Recommended as a bed for occasional use, or as a short term solution, rather than as a permanent, main bed.

2. AeroBed Convertible Sofa Air Bed, pictured below. This is a slightly different type of sofa bed, as it is an inflatable mattress rather than the typical foam futons for sale online.  For under $90 you can use cheap futons like this as emergency seating or bedding when lots of guests come round, as fun seat and beds for the kids or even to take camping with you.

3. Adult Studio 28-Inch Twin Sleeper Chair Poly/Cotton. At a price of just over $130 you might be tempted to put a couple of these in your kid’s room or in a games room or living room. It is a pretty durable chair as cheap mattresses go and comes with a 1 year warranty and which would no doubt get a good deal of use by kids keen to invite friends over to stay.

Futon Beds Can Help Give You A Better Bedroom

If you are planning to update your teenager’s room then looking at the latest models of futon beds might help you find a theme for their bedroom. Here are a few more ideas that go with the futon,to help you finish off the look.

5 Ideas For A Teenager’s Room

1. Futon beds. One of main advantages of using futon beds in a teenager’s room is the versatility they offer. They can use it is a seat when friends come and bring out the foldable mattress section when someone has to stay over. It also means that there is alternative bedding option which your child will probably be happy to use if a relative comes over and needs to use their bed. Choosing a futon bed is also a good way of keeping the room from being too cluttered with objects. Some also use the mattress as a camping mattress on trips away.

2. Let them choose the color. You may be surprised at the good taste they show, and what’s the worst that can happen? If they decide on the dreaded black painted walls then you still make their room look good by compromising and letting them have two black walls and two red or purple ones. Either way, letting a teenager choose part of their own decorations can help with their self confidence and also helps you avoid a potential argument.

3. Some exercise or hobby equipment. If he or she is going to be spending a lot of time in their room then helping them do something healthy and productive with their time is essential. Not only can exercise and hobby crafts improve a person’s humor but they also combat stress and will  help keep your teenager relaxed.

4. Let natural light in. This is another way to help their health and humor. We all need a bit of sunlight every day and using light curtains will help them receive some. If you install remote control curtains they might even enjoy opening and drawing the curtains each day.

5. Use low maintenance flooring. Anything which helps to keep the bedroom tidy will help you avoid arguments and problems. Wooden or vinyl flooring is one step in the right direction.

Finding The Best Futon Mattresses

There are really two different situations in which you can find yourself looking at futon mattresses.

Firstly, you may choose to buy a futon frame without a mattress. There are models which come with mattresses but there are also futon frames which are sold on their own with no mattress.

The second possible situation is that you have an existing futon but that the foldable mattress that came with it has become worn or torn and you now need to buy a new mattress. In this case you should calculate whether you would be just as well buying a new futon,  as dropping price now means that they are cheaper than before, while individual futon mattresses can be nearly as expensive.

Whichever of these is the case, you will find that modern futon mattresses come in a variety of different style, so let’s have a look at a few of the different available:

3 Types Of Futon Mattress

1. Traditional foam mattress. This type of futon mattress comes in many different types, as well as in the various different sizes of futon bed which are around. If you pay over $100 then you should be getting a good quality model.

2. Memory foam mattress. This is one of the more recent types of mattress around and uses the NASA developed visco memory foam to give you a firm, well supported sleeping position. The use of modern technology makes this type of futon mattress a bit more expensive than some other types, although prices are starting to fall and you should be able to find a few good economy deals if you check out the most popular online futon store sites.

3. Organic mattress. If you prefer an entirely natural feel to your futon mattresses then you will find natural latex rubber and cotton mattress options on online vendor sites. These are generally more expensive than the conventional foam mattresses due to the more labour intensive work involved in making them.

Futons Sold With Futon Cushions

One excellent way to make your futon look more elegant and more like a permanent seat is to buy one which comes complete with futon cushions. These are sometimes classed as futon sets and are generally among the classier and more comfortable models of futon sold online.

We have listed below two such models which might be of interest to you if you are looking for a durable futon which looks good and also gives a bit of extra comfort when used a seat.

Two Futons With Futon Cushions

1. Simmons Futons – Utah Futon Chair Set with Cover, which is pictured below. This is a really solid and well built model which comes in at $500, although the list price is substantially higher. The frame is of oak and the futon cushion which is included helps add to the impression of a traditional, old fashioned easy chair. The chair measures 39.5″ D x 40″ W x 40″ H and the mattress dimensions are 28″ D x 54″ W x 8″ H.

2. Simmons Futons – SoHo Full Futon Set with Cover, which is pictured below. This is a longer and wider model, which has the ideal look for a quality office reception seat or VIP visitors. It costs $660 and has a similar sturdy, durable look to the previous model mentioned. The dimensions on this one are 38.25″ D x 88.75″ W x 40″ H when used as a sofa and 54″ D x 75″ W x 8″ H when the sofa bed mattress is opened up. It comes with a couple of nice futon cushions and is a good choice for giving out a really professional and good quality image while also having the secret option of opening up the futon mattress and having a well supported rest when needed.

Ideas For Futon Sofas

Futon sofas are often seen as a good way to give kids and teenagers a bit of extra seating in their bedroom. However, there are other ways to benefit from the advantages which these compact and versatile pieces of furniture offer us, and we have noted below a few ways which you may not have thought of:

4 Ideas For Using A Futon Sofa

1. Home office workers. When important visitors come calling to your home office it is important to be able to offer them a nice seat. If you buy a comfortable and classy model from the modern range of futon sofas it won’t cost you much more than a conventional office chair and it can also double up to give you a nice, relaxing place to unwind now and then.

2. Students. Living in dorm rooms or temporary rented homes can be a dispiriting experience, and livening up the place with your own choice of furniture, such as a sofa futon, can help you feel more at home. If you have another bed as well then the futon can be used to invite friends and family to visit you from time to time.

3. Someone in temporary accommodation. If you are expecting to be moving home soon then buying an expensive, bulky bed along with isn’t a sofa or chairs isn’t an appealing idea, but then neither is living in a bare apartment. Because futon frames tend to be light and portable you can fairly easily transport futon sofas from one house to another and up and down stairs.

4- Camping fans. You presumably wouldn’t take the whole sofa futon camping with you, but if you go camping a lot then you might like to take a lightweight futon mattress in the car with you. This saves you the time and hassle of pumping up an inflatable mattress and the sore back which lying on a thin camping mat can give you.

Some Top Deals on Futon Mattress Covers

When it comes time to look for new futon mattress covers, whether by choice or because your old one has been damaged or worn out, you will find a huge selection of colors, materials and designs on the Internet.

In other articles we have looked at how mattress covers can be used to enhance a room or an office, and in this article we will look at some specific designs and prices of individual models for you:

Three Futon Mattress Covers Sold Online

1. Leather Look Biscuit Twin Cover from Futon Covers Online. This twin size model costs $99, while the full size version is $10 more and the queen size mattress a further $10 on top of that. If you want a classy, leather look in your home or office then buying a leather look futon mattress cover for your old futon is certainly a lot cheaper than buying a leather sofa. The cover is easy to fit, thanks to a three sided zipper arrangement, and of course can be interchanged with another cover whenever you like.

2. Stetson Premium Futon Mattress Cover. This model is from the same retailer and costs a a little more than double the price but is a much higher quality product. The cover is made from high grade PVC, and the leather look is topped of with a good looking gold scroll design. This one also comes in different sizes for different types of sofa bed mattress.

3.Bug a Boo Futon Cover. The last futon cover we will look at in this list is a fun and colorful one which is deals for a child’s room. It costs $50 from Futon Creations and has a kind of ladybirds crawling over a checkerboard design which kids will love.

Which Futon Cover To Choose?

In other articles on this site we have looked at futon frames, futon mattresses and other futon related items. However, one essential futon accessory which we haven’t looked at yet is the futon cover.

There are a few different reasons for looking at futon covers online. One is if you have bought the futon frame and futon mattress separately, as your mattress will almost certainly arrive in the post without a cover on it.

Another reason is if your old cover has become damaged or faded through time. Even high quality futon sofas are not really designed for intensive use day in and day out. If you have been using yours for sleeping on every night and for sitting on every day then the chances are that the first element of the futon to show signs of wear and tear will be the futon cover, and an economical way of bringing life back to sofa beds is by slipping new futon mattress covers onto them.

You may also have redecorated the room in which the futon sits and now be left with, for example, a blue futon in a predominantly red room. Rather than throw out the whole thing you can simply change the futon cover by looking at new futon slipcovers.

Updating Your Old Futon Cover

A final possibility is that you simply got tired of the design. This is especially common when a bright, modern futon has been purchased a few years ago, as styles and tastes change and what once looked fun and lively can now appear embarrassingly dated to the owner.

Once you have decided to look at new futon covers online you will find a huge range of colors and designs available at fairly low prices. Take care to buy from a secure site and check the product’s care instructions to make sure that you get plenty of use out of it.

Choosing The Best Futon Pads

When you have an old futon which needs a new mattress you will perhaps be surprised to discover the wide selection of futon pads which are available on mattress vendor Internet sites.

In this section we will concentrate on some of the models of futon pad which you might not be so well aware of. Most of us choose the basic, budget model of futon mattress when it comes time to buy a new one. Howewever, if you are aware of the full range of types which are currently manufactured then you will have the option of choosing the best one for your situation. Here we present for your information some of the most common questions on the subject:

Question. I sometimes sleep on my futon when I stay over at my friend’s house. As I suffer from back problems I wonder what of mattress would suit me best?

Answer.  We have a section on choosing a back pain mattress model, where we will look at three different models of fairly expensive futon pads which could be right for you, although taking specialist medical advice is always recommended.

A Futon Pad For Very Occasional Use

Question. I use for futon for sitting purposes and friends who stay over very rarely use it. Where can I find the cheapest futon pad possible?

Answer. We have a generic section on cheap mattresses in general and you will also find specific models reviewed in our futon sections and in our mattress reviews part of the site.

Question. What is the best style of futon pads currently available?

Answer. This depends upon the use you have for it and your own preferences. As we can see from the two answers above, different people have very different needs in this respect. Many users report great experiences with the memory foam pad model, while others cannot get used to this way of sleeping and prefer a traditional, softer foam model. Other options include organic mattresses for allergy sufferers, so it really is a question of finding one which is right for you.

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