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Finding The Right Pillow Top Mattress

A pillow top mattress is basically one which has an extra layer of cushioning on top. This type of bed might be useful for you if you would like to have a bit of extra comfort on your bed.

The first question you have you consider before looking at pillow top mattresses is whether you want to prefer one of these or a basic mattress with a mattress topper on top of it. The pillow top option is a bit simpler, as you buy just one product rather two, but some people prefer the flexibility of being able to add and take off a topper as well as replace it when it gets worn or damaged.

We have covered mattress toppers in other articles on the site, so in this section we will look at a number of different models of pillow top mattress, to let you see what kinds of options are out there and at what price.

Pillows And Other Important Features

In this segment of the web site we will also look at some foam pillow options, such as the latest models of memory foam pillow models, and the prices. Head and neck support is an important consideration which it is easy to overlook when buying a bed and some people spend hundreds of dollars on a new, top of the range bed and then buy really cheap, unsupportive pillows.

Hopefully you will find the information you need to make a good purchase. If you aren’t convinced by the pillow top mattress type of bed then why not have a look through the other sections on the site, where you will see reviews and useful advice on traditional spring mattresses, memory foam beds, inflatable beds and other types of bedding accessories which you might be looking for.

Buying The Best Foam Pillow

An important but often overlooked element of any good, comfortable bed is the pillow. With recent advances in the manufacturing process it is worth doing a quick summary of the types of foam pillow which you will find on sale now.

Three Types Of Pillow

1. Memory foam pillow – conventional shape. It may take you a while to get used to sleeping on a memory foam pillow even if you choose a traditionally shaped one. These are firmer than most pillows of other types and you can either choose low profile models, which give a slightly softer pillow, or high profile ones which are bigger and firmer as well. If you already have a memory foam mattress then you will have an idea what to expect in terms of firmness and comfort.

2. Memory foam pillow – contoured shape. This is similar to the previous model except for that fact that the pillow is shaped in such a way as to leave a dip in it where you can rest your head. It is sometimes claimed that this type of pillow can help cure snoring problems, by helping the air flow more freely through your nose and mouth, although hard, scientific evidence on this is hard to come by.

3. Latex foam pillow. If you are using an organic mattress for every allergy or environmental reasons then it makes sense to use natural, anti allergenic pillows too.

As with all types of beds and mattresses, it can be difficult to work out if a model suits you just by looking at a few pictures on an Internet vendor site. As foam pillows are substantially less expensive than mattresses you may be tempted to just buy one to see how it works out. As a set of 2 memory foam pillows will generally cost somewhere between $40 and $80 this isn’t a huge gamble. However, it is still worth trying to get hold of one to try out first, or buy from a site which offers a trial period.

A Selection Of Memory Foam Pillow Offers

If you sometimes wake up with a sore neck, stiff shoulders or a bad back then before splashing out lots of money on an expensive new mattress you might like to see if a change of pillow helps solve the problem for a fraction of the cost. The choice of a memory foam pillow is a good one if you feel that you aren’t being given enough support by your current one.

Let’s look at a few different models which you might like to consider:

Three Memory Foam Pillows

1.Serta Memory Foam Contour Pillows. This set of 2 pillows costs under $40 online and might just be the solution to your sleeping problems. They are made of 100% visco memory foam and is non allergenic and anti bacterial. If you have already bought a memory form mattress then you can expect the pillows to arrive in the same way; tightly packed in a package and with a strong chemical odor. You need to leave them a couple of days for them to expand to their full size and for the odor to fully dissipate.

2. Comfort Dreams Crowned Classic King Size Memory Foam Pillows. This model costs a little over $50 for the set of 2 memory foam pillows. These ones are designed to fit king size pillow cases and unlike the previous model they are not contoured but are shaped in a more conventional way.

3. Memory Foam Standard Size Contour Pillow. If you only need one foam pillow for the bed then this comes in at a little over $25 and offer the same kind of contoured surface as the first item covered in this article. This pillow measures 15 inches by 20 inches and has a height of 4 inches.

Pillow Top Mattress Or Mattress Topper?

Choosing A Pillow Top Mattress Or A Mattress Topper

A pillow top mattress is one which has an layer of cushioning on top of it, to give a more sleeping position without losing any support.

The same sort of effect can be achieved by buying a mattress topper and putting it on top of your existing bed. Whether you choose one or other of these options is as much down to your own personal taste as anything else. However, we have noted below a few of the things you might like to bear in mind when you are considering buying either one of these mattress products.

Price. You will most likely find that buying a new pillow top mattress or a conventional mattress with an additional mattress will work out at more or less the same price. Where you might find a saving, however, is if you can simply revitalize a slightly worn or sagging old mattress by fitting a mattress topper onto it instead of replacing it with a new bed.

A pillow top mattress and a mattress topper are both good for your back

Choose a pillow top mattress for extra comfort

Material. You will find both pillow top mattresses and mattress toppers in a wide variety of materials, with visco memory foam being especially common these days. This material is suitable for people who want a firmer sleeping position, although a lot of users report taking time to get used to the new type of bed. Putting a pillow top mattress cover on the bed will also help you get extra comfort without losing support
Choosing Bedding For Flexibility

Flexibility. On this point the mattress topper wins clearly, as it something which can be taken off and put on when needed. This makes it a very good choice for guests beds or for people who want to try a firmer, more supportive type of bed but would like to take a fairly low risk approach to doing it

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