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Choosing A Coleman Air Mattress

When it comes to choosing a new air mattress then there are really two options open to you. One is to buy one of the cheaper, more temporary models which you can find online for $50 or less. Another approach is to look at the slightly more expensive and durable mattresses, such as those contained in the Coleman air mattress range. Not only do these cost not much more than their less durable rivals, but they also incorporate some unusual features into their designs.coleman-air-mattress_02

Let’s have a look at a few of the Coleman mattresses, to see if there is one which is right for you.

Two Coleman Air Mattresses Reviewed

1. Overnighter™ 80″ SpaceSaver Air Bed. This inflatable mattress comes with interesting features such as a storage pocket organizer and a detachable cot stand. It is an air mattress bed designed for someone up to 6’8″ tall and weighing up to 225 lbs to use and it has a double lock valve to avoid air leaks. The aluminium frame has a three year guarantee and the air bed has a 1 year warranty. The online cost is $85 and the smaller, 72″ version holds a person of up to 6″ tall and costs $70.coleman-air-mattress_01

2. Queen QuickBed® Air Bed with Built-In 4D Pump & MP3 Plug In. As well as offering a big, queen size mattress sleeping area, thos Coleman air mattress also has some interesting and rather unusual features. As this mattress is marketed mainly at camping fans it comes with a good carry bag, a plug in for your MP3, iPod r CD player and a built in amplifier and speaker, to ensure
a pleasant night’s music entertainment while you are out in the wilds. There is a built in automatic pump, to save you having to take a separate one with you, and the whole package comes in at a very reasonable $65 when purchased online.

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