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Some Inflatable Bed Models

When it comes to buying a new inflatable bed, your choice are now wider than ever.

Some models are inexpensive and really should be seen as a short term solution, while others are well constructed and will give you years of use. Let’s check out a few models which you can find online.inflatable-bed_01

3 Inflatable Beds

1. Sears Easy Riser Queen Size Raised Air Bed with Internal Air Pump and Remote Control. This model of air mattress comes in at $160 and includes a built in AC air pump which lifts the air bed up to its full 20 inches in just two minutes. It includes over 100 comfort coils in its design, to give you a better night’s rest.

2. Smart Air Beds Elevated Supreme Coil Beam Flocked Top Raised Queen Size Inflatable Mattress. This costs a little over $100, which puts in with the rather more expensive models of air beds. This inflatable bed rises up to a impressive 22 inches from the ground, making it one of the highest of its type which you will come across. It supports 600 lbs and, of course, the level of support offered is one of the key factors to check in any Queen or king size mattress, regardless of the material of construction.inflatable-bed_02

3. Smart Air Beds 5 x 1 EZ Queen Size Inflatable Sofa Bed (Black). This is an interesting option if you like inflatable beds which also double as sofas. It costs $70 online, so you shouldn’t expect the highest quality or the most durable materials, but for a short term seating and bedding solution or an occasional guest sofa bed mattress it is an economical and fun option which is well worth considering.It also comes in a smaller, inflatable chair design at $50 and the whole set isn’t a bad idea for camping holidays.

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