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Choosing An Air Mattress

If you are looking for inexpensive, comfortable and versatile bedding then an air mattress can be a great choice. As well as being something which is great for using on camping trips, it is also very useful as emergency bedding for unexpected guests or when your family grows and you aren’t yet ready to splash out on expensive bedding.

To help you choose the best air mattress available we have dedicated this section of the web site to looking at the different models and types of air mattresses which can be found online. As well as looking at general air beds, we will also be looking to give you advice on choosing specific models and sizes. You may not be aware, for instance, that bigger sized inflatable mattress models can be easily found online. This way you can put a wonderfully big and supportive queen air mattress or king air mattress in your bedroom. If you have some doubts about the quality of modern air mattresses then this is quite possibly due to you having some bad experience in the past with an inflatable bed which took an eternity to blow up and then promply dropped down to ground level when you lay on it.

Fortunately, the technology and the materials used in this type of air mattress bed are now much more advanced than back in the old days, and in fact some people are actually choosing to move from a conventional mattress to one of these cost effective and comfortable models.

As an investment in occassional guest bedding it certainly makes more sense to spend as little as $20 on a decent quality air mattress like the one below than shell out a lot more on a conventional bed which not only costs a lot more but also takes up a lot more space when not in use.

Have a look at the rest of this section then, if you want to get some advice on which is the best air mattress for you.

Common Air Mattress Bed Solutions

In this section of the site we will look at providing solutions to common bedding problems, either for people who already have an air mattress bed or for those who have a conventional mattress and aren’t sure if air mattress beds are right for them.

Problem. I have an inflatable bed but it is too small for both me and husband to use. If we try and use it together one of us always ends up on the floor.

Solution. You can now find air mattress bed models in a variety of large sizes, such as the queen air mattress. These large models will help both of you enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Problem. I use an old air bed as emergency bedding but it is getting a bit old and, to be honest, it was never any good in the first place, as it takes ages to inflate and rapidly loses air and strength.

Solution. Modern air beds are of a much higher quality than older models, and you will find that a decent quality new one will give you a comfortable night’s sleep and will undoubtedly give you a longer and better service than your old one. For the best model take an online quiz to find your ideal number mattress and choose the exact model for you.

When The Kids Have Visitors

Problem. My kids often invite their friends over to stay and they end up all sleeping on the floor. They don’t seem to mind this, but I was wondering if getting a big air mattress bed, or a few smaller ones, might be a better idea.

Solution. You could certainly look at buying a big king air mattress, as this would probably work out cheaper than buying a number of air mattress beds. However, if you want to give yourself a bit more flexibility in the future then getting hold of a number of smaller mattresses might not be a bad idea.

Choosing A Queen Air Mattress

If you think that air mattresses are all small, lumpy and uncomfortable then you might be genuinely surprised to see the quality and size of many current Queen air mattress models.

To start off with we will explain that an inflatable mattress is simply a bed that can be inflated as and when you need it. In other pages on this web site we have look at some of the advantages of this type of mattress (flexibility, cost, storage,comfort etc) and it is certainly a type of sleeping aid which is becoming increasingly popoular.

One thing you have to do is forget all about air beds from the past, as current models are far superior to them in every respect. As well as offering great back support many also come with advanced features such as remote control, reinforced sides and easy inflation.

Next up we will look at the Queen sizes of bed. These mattress dimensions are among the biggest in the mattress world. A Queen bed, or Queen air mattress, measures 60×80 inches, which translates as 152 x 203 centimeters. These are North American sizes; in Europe a Queen sized mattress has a slightly different size and the American Queen translates most closely to a UK King size bed (60×78 inches or 152 × 198 cm).

Now that we know what type of bedding we are talking about, the next step is to find site mattress for sale sites and look for queen air mattresses which might suit you.

Twin Air Mattresses

These are twin air mattress design; that is, they are designed to be thge same size as conventional twin beds. This means that they need to give a greater support than a smaller mattress.

As well as the price you look at the warranties being offered and delivery charges and timescales. Sometimes paying a few dollars more gets you a good warranty period and free shipping on your new Queen air mattress.

Some Intex Air Mattress Models

If you are thinking of buying an air mattress then it makes sense to choose one which will last a long time and look good when you use it. One of the best ways of doing this is by looking at the Intex air mattress range.

Many people still look upon air beds as only offering a flimsy, temporary sleeping arrangement which should be quickly and shamefully packed away in the morning before anyone sees it.

Thinking like this shows a lack of knowledge of the quality and attractiveness of, for example, the Intex air mattresses currently available, so let’s have a look at a couple of models to see if you like the look of either of them:

Two Models Of Intex Air Mattreses

1. Intex Comfort Bed – Rising Comfort Twin Airbed with Built-In Electric Pump, which is pictured below. The inbuilt air mattress pump means that the bed can be raised to its full height of 19 inches in just a couple of minutes and with no manual effort. The support is given by the incorporation of heavy duty material and the use of two air chambers.

2. Intex Queen Raised Comfort Rest Airbed Air Mattress with AC Pump , pictured below. If you want the flexiblity of a raised Intex air mattress and the comfort and spaciousness of a queen mattress then this model could be a good choice for you. A couple of important points to bear in mind when you look at buying air beds in the bigger sizes are the support and the pump. A big air bed needs to include a high level of support and a good quality pump for it to work well. There is a built in pillow on this model and the maximum height of the bed is a reasonable 17.5 inches. The inbuilt pump lets you easily inflate it in less than 4 minutes.

Choosing A Coleman Air Mattress

When it comes to choosing a new air mattress then there are really two options open to you. One is to buy one of the cheaper, more temporary models which you can find online for $50 or less. Another approach is to look at the slightly more expensive and durable mattresses, such as those contained in the Coleman air mattress range. Not only do these cost not much more than their less durable rivals, but they also incorporate some unusual features into their designs.

Let’s have a look at a few of the Coleman mattresses, to see if there is one which is right for you.

Two Coleman Air Mattresses Reviewed

1. Overnighter™ 80″ SpaceSaver Air Bed. This inflatable mattress comes with interesting features such as a storage pocket organizer and a detachable cot stand. It is an air mattress bed designed for someone up to 6’8″ tall and weighing up to 225 lbs to use and it has a double lock valve to avoid air leaks. The aluminium frame has a three year guarantee and the air bed has a 1 year warranty. The online cost is $85 and the smaller, 72″ version holds a person of up to 6″ tall and costs $70.

2. Queen QuickBed® Air Bed with Built-In 4D Pump & MP3 Plug In. As well as offering a big, queen size mattress sleeping area, thos Coleman air mattress also has some interesting and rather unusual features. As this mattress is marketed mainly at camping fans it comes with a good carry bag, a plug in for your MP3, iPod r CD player and a built in amplifier and speaker, to ensure
a pleasant night’s music entertainment while you are out in the wilds. There is a built in automatic pump, to save you having to take a separate one with you, and the whole package comes in at a very reasonable $65 when purchased online.

What Makes Some Air Beds Better Than Others?


If you are looking for comfortable air beds to use as emergency bedding, or simply to try out a different style of mattress, then you might be a bit confused by all the models available online and all the different technical terms used to describe the many different features included in a modern inflatable bed.

Air beds, sometimes known as raised air mattresses, are definitely much more complex now than they were before and the technical specifications can make for a difficult read, so let’s look at the features you are probably most interested in

The Key Points

1. Assembled or not. The type of air bed which comes ready assembled will cost a bit more, mainly due to delivery costs. The other type are pretty easily put together, and unless there is anything stopping you assembling a few pieces then this should be the best option for you.

2. Delivery costs. It is important that you check this before buying anything, as a bargain purchase can lose a fair bit of its appeal if the delivery costs are high.

3. Warranty. As with any online purchase, finding an air mattress with a long warranty period is a good idea.

4. Money back period. This differs from the warranty in that it is the 30 or 60 day “trial period” in which you can send back the goods and get your money back. This is particularly useful if you know that the mattress dimensions are going to make it an awkward fit or it is your first air bed and you aren’t sure whether you  are going to like it.

5. Side Rails. These are the supports, which not all air beds have, which make the sides firm enough for you lie on the edge of it without losing height.

6. Remote controls. This is marketed as a big feature on a lot of raised air mattresses, but there are really only so many basic functions which you will want to control remotely. Try and strike a balance which lets you pay a fair price for a mattress which has enough features to make it better for you, rather than paying for useless functions.

7. Price. This is always the main point in any purchase and the prices can vary widely. Why not have a look through some of our reviews in this site and get an idea of the offers out there?

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