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King Air Mattress Advice

Tips On Buying A King Air Mattress

You are probably thinking about buying a King air mattress because you want to combine the flexibility and good value of an air bed with the outstanding spaciousness of a king size mattress.king-air-mattress-advice_01

This is a purchase which needs a bit of thought and investigation, so we have noted below a few points to bear in mind.

1. Support. The bigger sizes of air mattress bed need extra support, so choosing a quality model which offers features like double (or more) chambers and a strong durable design is important, especially if you are looking at the raised type of air mattress models.

2. Pump. We have looked at the different air mattress pump models in a separate article and it is clear that the size of King air mattresses makes it essential that a good quality automatic pump is used with them. Some models come with a built in pump, which is an advantage if it is a good quality one.

3. Price. It is clear from the two points above that good quality King air mattresses need to include some additional features which basic, smaller air beds don’t always give you. While you will find models being offered online at $50 or less these won’t give you the high level of comfort and durability which you are looking for if you want to use this bed on a fairly regular basis. Paying $100 or so extra will let you purchase a much better quality mattress, although if you are only looking for something for temporary or very occasional use then the cheaper models should do fine.

Find Space For A New King Air Mattress

4 Use. This really follows on from, and is linked with, the price issue. Apart from the comments from the previous point it is also worth thinking about where you will actually be able to use the bed. Buying one of the really comfortable and spacious King air mattresses may sound like a good idea, but if you don’t have floor space for it then you are going to be using it very often. You should measure out the floor area where you want to use the bed and then check if the King size model will fit in.king-air-mattress-advice_02

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