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Pillow Top Mattress Or Mattress Topper?

Choosing A Pillow Top Mattress Or A Mattress Topper

A pillow top mattress is one which has an layer of cushioning on top of it, to give a more sleeping position without losing any support.macy_pillowtop_01

The same sort of effect can be achieved by buying a mattress topper and putting it on top of your existing bed. Whether you choose one or other of these options is as much down to your own personal taste as anything else. However, we have noted below a few of the things you might like to bear in mind when you are considering buying either one of these mattress products.

Price. You will most likely find that buying a new pillow top mattress or a conventional mattress with an additional mattress will work out at more or less the same price. Where you might find a saving, however, is if you can simply revitalize a slightly worn or sagging old mattress by fitting a mattress topper onto it instead of replacing it with a new bed.pillow-top_02
A pillow top mattress and a mattress topper are both good for your back

A pillow top mattress and a mattress topper are both good for your back
Choose a pillow top mattress for extra comfort

Choose a pillow top mattress for extra comfort

Material. You will find both pillow top mattresses and mattress toppers in a wide variety of materials, with visco memory foam being especially common these days. This material is suitable for people who want a firmer sleeping position, although a lot of users report taking time to get used to the new type of bed. Putting a pillow top mattress cover on the bed will also help you get extra comfort without losing support
Choosing Bedding For Flexibility

Flexibility. On this point the mattress topper wins clearly, as it something which can be taken off and put on when needed. This makes it a very good choice for guests beds or for people who want to try a firmer, more supportive type of bed but would like to take a fairly low risk approach to doing it

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